DataLabs ME offers state-of-the-art technologies of ACE Lab

About Us

About Us
DataLabs ME – offer "State of the Art", Digital Forensic & Counter Intelligent Solutions. We are cooperating with some of the Biggest Name in the Cyber Forensics Solutions.

Products List

PC-3000 Portable III System
PC-3000 Portable III RAID System
PC-3000 Portable III SSD System*
PC-3000 Portable III Ultimate System*
SAS Adapter with Special Software Utilities**
PC-3000 Express
PC-3000 Express System
PC-3000 Express RAID System
PC-3000 Express SSD System***
PC-3000 Express Ultimate System***
PC-3000 UDMA
PC-3000 UDMA System
PC-3000 UDMA RAID System
PC-3000 UDMA SSD System***
PC-3000 UDMA Ultimate System***

PC-3000 SAS 3 or 6 Gbit/s
PC-3000 SAS 3 or 6 Gbit/s System
PC-3000 SAS 3 or 6 Gbit/s RAID System

PC-3000 Flash Basic/All-in-One Package

PC-3000 Mobile


OnRetrieval has a group of experts who need to work at the customer's site or outside the laboratory, with the PC-3000 Portable III. We can solve a large number of tasks, since the tool allows transferring the efficiency of the data recovery and forensic laboratory externally. It is a very fast and accurate tool that allows you to diagnose, forensically analyze and recover data. You can work with NAND flash drives too. Our technicians and engineers equipped with a PC-3000 Portable III form an infallible pair.
Undoubtedly, PC-3000 is the modern wonder of the data recovery world. I have been using ACE Lab products for over twelve years and in thousands of cases, and I can confidently claim that there is no better tool for professional data recovery. The creativity and the innovation of ACE Lab engineers never ceases to amaze me, and the support level I am getting from the company is nothing less than superior.
Not only does Ace Labs have the best hardware/software solutions for data recovery, but they have unmatched technical support. Their data recovery tools are priced competitively, but the usability, documentation, and support cannot be matched by the competition. We use PC-3000 tools for HDD, SSD, and Flash recovery every day at Blizzard Data Recovery.

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